Eonmetall was incorporated in Malaysia and is a main market public listed company in the Malaysia Bourse.

Eonmetall is actively engaged in businesses that extend from the manufacturing of top quality metalwork, industrial processes' machinery and equipment, flat steel products, easy-to-assemble steel storage system to strategic IT solutions.

Coupled with extensive distribution network and wide customer network established over the years, Eonmetall's uncompromising principle in providing products of the finest quality to all of the customers has garnered itself remarkable growth over the years; apart from respectable recognition as the leading manufacturer and design innovator of metalwork and palm oil machineries, steel products and storage systems.

Offering its customers total solution with advanced design, reliable engineering, top-notch manufacturing and highly effective project management, Eonmetall's products and services reach out to an extensive market around the globe with strong market presence in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Middle-East.

Fully recognizing the value of providing total solution innovatively and creatively, Eonmetall pushes beyond traditional boundaries and works across various disciplines. In view of this, Eonmetall demonstrates relentless efforts in expanding business portfolio in this fast-paced business. These include the venturing effort into the District Cooling System (DCS) projects. This effort marks Eonmetall rapid growth in the GCC regions, in particular Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Apart from that, Eonmetall endorses diversity in business by providing strategic IT solutions and systems to the market.

Eonmetall envisages becoming the top machinery and steel products provider in Malaysia by offering products that are practical, innovative and come with first-class quality coupled with unparalleled customer experience and services.

Eonmetall aspires to maximize the reach of all of its products to virtually every practical application whether it is in heavy industries, commercial or domestic usages, helping all its customers to create maximum reliable storage capacity in limited land area while saving valuable time.

Land is scarce, and Eonmetall wants to provide the best solutions and becomes the ultimate space maker for your storage capacity at the lowest possible land cost!

Eonmetall aims to achieve its visions through persistent research and development activities, tactful marketing and channel distribution strategies, providing highest quality products as well as customer-first services in order to capture market shares, generate new application segment and stimulate exponential growth for the entire company.