Mezzanine Floors

We offer racking system solution

Mezzanine floor systems are used in a variety of environments, from warehouses to offices. These systems are comparable cost effective with design flexibilities which including varying load ratings, layouts, decking, etc.

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  • rack support platform

    Designed to increase storage capacity, double-deep racking system is capable to store two pallets deep in a single-entry rack or four pallets deep in a double entry rack. This system is particulary beneficial when the throughput is low while fast movement of pallets is not critical. A special reaching truck with doublepantograph or extendable fork is used in this racking system.
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  • Rack Support Platform Office

    Hassled by limited spaces for your growing business? With Eonmetall rack-supported platform system, you can create office spaces on the foundation of racking systems, often at an unimaginable space you had never thought of. For Eonmetall's rack supported office, a choice of exclusive timber or steel decking is available for your growing business to create more office spaces.
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  • Super Block Platform

    Super Block system provides a cost-effective and space maximization for multi-tier racking system. The system is particularly beneficial when there is limited warehouse space. The column to column span can be up to 6 meter, with this design it will cut short the installation time compare with traditional endframe system due to this system do not required any bracings.
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  • Bolt-Free Shelving System

    Bolt-free shelving systems have remained as one of the Europe's most popular shelving products since the systems were introduced more than 30 years ago. These systems are available in an extensive range of sizes that come with either clad or open configurations. There are also an comprehensive range of colour choices making it ideal whether the customers needs a simple bay of shelving or a complex systems such as two-tier or high-rise order picking solutions. The flexible bolt-free shelving systems provide an accommodating, modular hand loaded shelving system. Locked together, the bolt-free systems enable quick and easy construction and installation. Various sizes of open and closed configurations produce efficient storage for almost every possible item, ranging from small components to large cartons and boxes. On the other hand, accessories such as the shelf dividers and bin fronts allow handy segregation thus clear identification of various groups of stored items. Adding to the excellent functionalities of the systems, the smooth lines and neat finishes provides aesthetic values to the storage system making the systems very much suitable for any types of storage system.
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